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Purus Manu Corridor Conservation Project

river turtles being freed in Alto Purus National Park
Teachers from Alto Purus National Park buffer zone liberating river turtles. Photo: Danilo Jordan

Purus-Manu Conservation Corridor project supports long-term biodiversity conservation in benefit of the native communitites and indigenous tribes living along the Corridor. FZS is in charge to implement activities that will secure the Alto Purus National Park and the Madre de Dios Territorial Reserve, such as undertaking security surveilance and special air patrols, training to the park staff and Committee Board, all in coordination with the Park specialists and park rangers. The project is supporting the Giant Otter survey in the area, and a more sustainable management of the natural resources along the zone of influence of the Park, including seven indigenous communities living in the headwaters of Tahuamanu and Las Piedras rivers. Environmental education is an important aspect of the project, coducting training and field trips for school teachers and children. The project has developed educational materials specifically for the zone, such as info graphics on the flagship species, colouring book about the River Turtle and the handbook for teachers, in Spanish and Yine dialect.  

native community children from Alto Purus
Children from Alto Purus National Park.


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