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Consolidating sustainable tourism in Kosñipata

Kosñipata Manu Tourism Service Providers Association receiving awards for their work as a well organized association in 2017
The Association of Tourism Service Providers Kosñipata Manu was awarded for its organization and management degree in the district of Kosñipata.

Cusco, August 02, 207. On July 20, a tourism promotion project was presented in the town of Pillcopata by a team of Frankfurt Zoological Society before the board of directors of the Kosñipata-Manu Tourism Service Providers Association (KMTSA) and the district Major, Libio Toque Valencia.

As a continuation of the work done by FZS Peru last year, this project proposes two strategic components: developing and consolidating the area as a tourism destination and strengthening the KMTSA. The association has just received a first prize in the local Kosñipata association competition, and has been the main organizer of a gastronomical event in the neighboring town of Patria, as well as of a district clean-up campaign.

All attendees expressed their satisfaction unanimously after seeing the results of a years’ worth of efforts towards bolstering Kosñipata’s tourism. Once again, the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) is betting on sustainable development and nature conservation inside the Manu Biosphere Reserve.

Cooking capacitation with the people from Manu Biosphere Reserve
The internships awarded to some of the partners were carried out according to the needs of each tourist undertaking.

The track record is encouraging. Kosñipata already has an officially approved Strategic District Tourism Development Plan, welcomed as a “example of participatory and joint work between the population and the authorities”, according to Provincial Major Juan Vargas during the official submission of the document in May.

On the other hand, thanks to the engagement of different private companies that sympathize with the ideals of the conservation of forests, and to the promotion of sustainable economic activities as well as to the efforts made by FZS Peru, many local tourism entrepreneurs have gained access to scholarships for internships in the areas of food handling, customer service, group tours and business management in Cusco, Puerto Maldonado and Lima.

Kicking off this new project represents an exciting challenge for all involved to achieve positive and tangible results for the benefit of local tourism, an activity of low environmental impact and a development alternative for the Manu Biosphere Reserve.