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Educational Materials

FZS has developed and produced a series of educational materials that support the environmental education workshops. With an intercultural approach, educational materials have been published in different native languages ​​and reflect emblematic species and characteristic spaces of the areas where we develop our projects, from the Andes to the Amazon.

Want to replicate any of these educational materials? We´ll be glad to collaborate, just send us an email to comunicaciones.peru@fzs.org.

Board games


Brand new

This is our brand new board game! You will be able to learn about Peruvian natural protected areas with the trivia while you move forward through different areas being able to manage and implement them with trucks, control posts, park rangers or an ecolodge. A fun way to understand how conservation works. Conservando pack includes game board, 60 trivia cards, six flagship animals pieces, 24 x 4 tokens to implement the areas (truck, control post, park ranger, ecolodge), Conservando bills, 28 protected area cards and two dice.

Biodiversity memory game

memory game Peru

Also one of our greatest hits, people don´t get tired of playing it. We have seen it. Recently edited it, added more pieces, and soon will have another version coming out. Our biodiversity game includes:

 - 36 pairs of Andes and Amazon species

- Information chart with scientific names 

Biodiversity domino

domino game Peru

A classic game with 28 pieces to match the species!

Handbooks for teachers

Pepe teacher´s handbook
Pepe, the Giant Otter handbook for teachers.

We have edited, improved and re printed our teacher´s handbook, the perfect match to our coloring books. This handbook is meant to guide the teacher on how to use the coloring book on class, since it develops a topic about the species and is filled with activities related to each topic. Is not just about coloring Pepe or Tati, but also to learn and reflect about the endangered species while having fun at class and helping the teacher on the way to do so. So far, we have produced handbooks about:

- Pepe, the Giant Otter

- Pablo the Andean Bear

- Tati the River turtle.

- Paulina the Jaguar (in progess)

Info graphics

Different projects funded the production of these info graphics (in Spanish), desgined by FZS on 2014 and aimed to school children from 10-14 years old, who study in the buffer zone of Manu National Park, Tambopata National Reserve and Alto Purus National Park.


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