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“Kosñipaco”, a new regional dish of the Kosñipata Valley

The Kosñipaco is the new dish of the region made with local products. Photo: Kelly Villarreal

February 4, 2017. On February 4-5, members of the “Manu Kosñipata Tourism Service Providers” participated in the third training module about planning and tourism resource management. This project seeks to strengthen the tourism services of this region. It is managed by the Frankfurt Zoological Society Peru (FZS Peru) and financed by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).


This module took place in the Fundo San Fernando facilities located in Patria (five hours from Cusco) and 76 people participated. Specialists in the ecotourism sector gave workshops about three key subjects: gastronomy, interpretation of tourist routes and certification standards in formal sustainable tourism.


The training will help participants to increase and improve their management skills on food and beverages, with new understanding of quality, security, infrastructure, and socio-cultural and environmental certifications. It will also support them in complying with professional criteria for environmental tourism initiatives. 

Training of tourism entrepreneurs in Kosñipata - Manu Biosphere Reserve
The participants were enthusiastic specially during the workshop on tourist trails.

Almost half of the participants were women. This demostrates that women entreprenuers are increasingly assuming the important role that they play in the development of tourism in the Kosñipata district.


One of the most awaited activities of the module was the creation of the regional dish of the Kosñipata Valley. After meticulous analysis of the local gastronomy, representatives agreed and named “Kosñipaco” as the regional dish. Kosñipaco features local ingredients including fried paco (a fish found in the region), fried plantains known as “patacón”, local chilly peppers with a tartar sauce made with local ingredients. It was decided that “Kosñipaco” will be included on all restaurant menus in Kosñipata.

Training of tourism entrepreneurs in Kosñipata - Manu Biosphere Reserve
The participants of the kitchen workshop carefully followed the explanation of quality standards in service and customer service.

For the director of the Tourism Division of the Provincial Municipality of Paucartambo, Alberto Ccoa, it was the first time that he had participated in a workshop with local tourism ventures. “It’s gratifying to see people be enthusiastic about the development of tourism in their district. This project is a good precedent to begin to develop this sector in the other districts of the province.” 

On the other hand, this activity also made it possible that the directorship of the Association could speak directly to other members about the recent, successful inscription of the association in the Public Registry. The members celebrated this good news with enthusiasm and noted satisfaction.